Thursday, March 29, 2012

General Conference - It's Not ALL About the Food.

Every six months the LDS (Mormon) faith holds it's semiannual Worldwide General Conference.  It's being held this coming weekend - March 31st and April 1st - and it's broadcast around the world.  

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It's one of only two Sundays a year that we don't attend our 3-hour Sunday block of meetings.  Instead of teaching lessons, serving in callings, and mingling with our fellow ward members - we listen to messages from our prophet and leaders in our own homes by television, radio, or internet.  If you (members & nonmembers are all welcome) are fortunate enough to obtain tickets to attend in person, you attend the beautiful Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Being together as families for an entire day with no church commitments is a rare opportunity, and most Mormons enhance that experience with favorite food traditions.  For the past 3 years I've posted some of our favorite foods that we enjoy during General Conference weekend.  Below you'll find links to those posts.  

Kipper - he has to like me (I'm the only one here...)

This April Conference it will be me, myself, and I (and of course, Kipper - my faithful lap dog).  My five married kids won't make it home this time - and my youngest son only has 8 months to go on his mission.  So it will be fairly quiet, and that's a good thing (sometimes).  If someone shows up to raid the refrigerator, I'll let you know what I made...

Get-Out-of-Bed Breakfast Ideas: 
When you don't have to be dressed in your Sunday best on this weekend, sometimes it takes outright bribery to get people out of bed and to the breakfast table before the start of the 10:00 AM session.  Here you'll find some of our best-loved breakfasts.

In our family, no Conference is complete without at least ONE kind of cinnamon roll.  Here you'll find links for several.

Between Sessions Lunch Ideas:
What to fix during the "Noon Dash" - where you have two hours to get things done before the second session begins at 2:00 PM.  Several ideas that you can make ahead to put on the table in a hurry, with all the prep work done so you can relax & listen.

Stay Awake Snacks:
Some fun foods to snack on that keep you from nodding off when you get comfortable on the couch...

"Girls Night" Cooking & Crafts:
Things to make while the men (12 and older) are attending the Priesthood Session on Saturday night.  This has turned into a fun tradition for we girls (young and somewhat old-er).

Conference Sunday Dinners:
It's heaven to relax in front of the TV while I can smell one of our favorite Sunday meals getting closer to setting on the table after Conference ends.  Lots of ideas here (including our lazy way to make mashed potatoes in the crockpot).

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