Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stay Awake Snacks

*(This is the second day of five posts about General Conference food traditions - keep scrolling to see prior posts)

After a great breakfast on Conference Weekend (usually heavier than on a typical day) - it's a challenge to keep from nodding off during an afternoon General Conference session.  After all - you're usually in your favorite chair, wearing your most comfortable things (which are most often pajamas) - you get the picture.  In my family - it varies between a 50 to 75% doze-off rate by the end of a two hour session.

That's why (if I'm not asleep myself) I try to bring out something to snack on to yank us back to attention after the first hour.  If it's close to lunch - I even try to make it somewhat healthy.  The sweet snacks (although they are the favorites) usually get us in trouble - those can bring on a nap fairly quickly.  These stay out on the counter or table most of the day for people to reach for as they walk by.  We have too many favorite snacks - here are just a few:  (...check in tomorrow for Between Sessions Lunch Ideas)

Muddy Buddies are the all-time favorite around here,
but these are a new version called Lemon Buddies.
Made with white chocolate & lemon, they are dangerously good.

 Veggie Packs  are great to keep in the refrigerator.
  Each person has their own portion,
so you don't have to bring out several containers & ingredients.

Pepperoni Pizza Puffs
These won't give you a sugar-high, and they are great with Pizza Dip.

White Chocolate Popcorn
Dress it up with whatever holiday M&M's, & candy corn you have on hand. 

Autumn Munch & Crunch
Sweet/salty & crunchy/chewy - with
Rice Chex, raisins, Reeses Pieces, & candy corn - coated with white chocolate 

Guilt Free Jicama - the ultimate crunchy vegetable.
Here's a tutorial on how to easily cut it into matchstick size.

Edible Playdough      For the little ones.
Don't tell them it's edible until they've had a LOT of fun.
(This is great rolled into balls & dipped in chocolate for "PB Buckeyes")

"Sludge" - made from bottled peaches & pears.
The name isn't flattering, but it's really refreshing (and healthy)

Effortless Bean Dip w/Chips
This Mexican dip could almost be a meal.

Sure Fire Blender Salsa
A favorite every time I make it.
(and it doesn't require fresh tomatoes)

Festive Pumpkin Dip
A hearty dip made with cream cheese, canned pumpkin, and dried beef.
Fun for Fall when served in a bread bowl with celery leaves.

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