Monday, September 26, 2011

Five Days of Conference Favorites

Yes.  This is a food blog.  But this week I'm focusing on a Utah phenomenon - LDS General Conference (and food, of course).  Around here the two go hand-in-hand.  Two weekends each year, on the first weekend in April & October - the LDS (Mormon) faith holds their Worldwide General Conference.  Although it's possible to attend in person (the beautiful Conference Center has a capacity of 21,000) - it's difficult to obtain tickets if you live in the US, Mexico, & Canada.  Because of this, most Latter Day Saints stay at home and enjoy the proceedings on television.

October General Conference 2011

This is one Sunday we don't attend our 3-hour block of meetings and teach lessons, serve in callings, etc...  It's our "day off" - where we stay home as a family listening to messages from our prophet & leaders.  I remember (with fondness) the General Conference Snuggle around the TV, staying in our 'jammies way past noon, and having everyone home together for an entire day.  And food is a big part of the tradition.

Today I'm linking to our family favorite Get-Out-of-Bed Breakfasts for past General Conference Weekends.  (Incidentally - it's amazing how Cinnamon Rolls could be voted the top food tradition for General Conference Weekend - I posted about this six months ago with our best cinnamon roll recipes HERE)  Check back later for "Stay Awake Snacks", "Between Sessions Lunch" ideas, "Girls Night Cooking", and "Conference Sunday Dinners".  Here we go...

Get-Out-of-Bed Breakfast Ideas: 

Since you know you don't have to be dressed in your Sunday best on this weekend - some kids (and adults) press the limit... meaning they are lucky to stumble from their beds to the couch by 10:00 AM.  It always helps to smell the aroma of a great breakfast luring you towards the kitchen.  Here are just a few of our favorites:

Pudding-Added Cinnamon Rolls
Sour Cream Breakfast Cake
(our all-time family favorite for Saturdays & Sundays)
In-the-Background Breakfast Bake
Smooth Caramel Syrup & A-maz-ing French Toast
which is made from...
Chunky Monkey Cinnamon Bread
Conference Crescents
Apple Fritter Bread
Swedish Cinnamon Twists
Fluffy Yogurt Pancakes
Blueberry Bliss Brunch Cake

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