Friday, September 23, 2011

Yummy Bowl & Sauce

I’m always on the lookout for “single-friendly” recipes.  I love recipes where most of the prep can be done ahead, it can be easily stored, and then brought out and enjoyed in small portions.  This appealed to me because it is healthy, full of texture, and best of all - it really IS (as the name says) yummy.

This year has been a real challenge - LOTS of changes in my family, lifestyle, and how I spend my time.  A few years ago I had three of my six children get married (within 9 months), and then my youngest left for a mission.  INSTANT empty house, nobody at the dinner table but myself, and a total change in how I spend my time.  
As always, free time disappears in a hurry - and I’m as busy as I ever was.  That’s why it’s good to have something preplanned as an option for days that get away from you.  This is a good choice for quick lunches or busy evenings - when you KNOW you need to have a good meal, but just don’t want to spend the time on a small portion.  
I found this on yourhomebasedmom - a great site for food, crafts, and more.  She praises this sauce she discovered at Cafe Yumm in Oregon.  I've added step-by-step photos and a few variations to her recipe. 

The unique thing about the Yummy Sauce is that it calls for nutritional yeast, almond flour, and soybeans - ALL of which I can guarantee most of you don’t have at home...  (I’ve listed where I found these ingredients at the end of the recipe link below)  

But only you can be the judge if this is worth that kind of effort for YOU.  I’m glad I tried it, I liked it (although it didn’t make my top-10 list), and I’ve decided that it’s a good recipe to change things up in my 'eating solo' diet.

If you’re looking for something quick to put together (after the initial steps of making the sauce and prepping the toppings) - AND you appreciate something that is good for you - this is worth the effort.  

Enjoy...  For the complete recipe - go to:

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