Monday, September 19, 2011

Buttery Cornmeal Crescents

Hot homemade rolls = bliss.  I would be in denial if I didn’t admit that rolls are my all time favorite thing to make.  If you make hot rolls on a Monday, it suddenly feels like Friday afternoon (with a 3-day weekend to look forward to)  I’ve added this recipe as one I'll go to when my favorites have been used too often.  The light cornmeal texture will surprise you.

Lately I’ve thought about how refreshingly different food blogging is from the rest of the world.  For the most part - there are no politics involved - just sharing for the sake of sharing.  I think most bloggers would agree that all we really care about is acknowledging the source of a great recipe.  So I thank Mel of for this one... 

I took these to my little grandson’s first birthday party back in July.  To tell you how much I liked them, I couldn’t trust myself to take any home.  
I’ve noticed that I enjoy cornmeal in just about anything the cooler it gets outside.  This is a great fall recipe that makes your rolls just a little bit heartier than your standard fluffy white roll.  

Most people will not even know they contain cornmeal - which adds a golden, buttery color.  And since the cornmeal is cooked before it’s added, the finished rolls are slightly sweet and very moist.

These are so good served on the side with soups, chili, or any fall meal.  Or just let the kids devour them as they spill in the front door after a long day of school (with jam or honey, of course)  If you’re lucky, you might have enough left over for dinner..

For the recipe (with step-by-step tutorial/photos) - go to:

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  1. That is a killer action shot of a bubble bursting in the pot! Oh and these look D-Lish!