Wednesday, March 30, 2011

General Conference - time for family food traditions to shine...

The next General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is this weekend, April 2nd & 3rd.

I give tours at the LDS Conference Center - where those of the Mormon faith gather for their semi-annual conferences.

To see the "behind the scenes" effort that goes into preparing for it - check out this link.

To people not of the LDS (Mormon) faith - it's hard to understand how family food traditions revolve around General Conference.  On most Sundays, Mormons are at their 3-hour block of meetings - busy serving in their callings and happy to reconnect with their friends and neighbors.  But on General Conference Sundays (held twice a year, in early April and October) we look forward to staying in our homes watching the proceedings of the Worldwide General Conference on our televisions.  Those who don't have access at home to a station that broadcasts it often travel to their church buildings to watch it via satellite.  One member in Wisconsin said that "the neighbors think we are sick since it's the only time of year they don't see us going to church."  

At my home (and I'm not alone here) - we look forward to lounging in our pajamas as we listen to counsel from our church leaders.  When my children were young - we snuggled on the couch wrapped up in blankets.  It sounds a bit idealistic - but there's nothing better than knowing your family is all together under the same roof hearing words of wisdom from those we revere as prophets.

Another big part of Conference Weekend is the food, of course!  (To see a variety of "General Conference" food traditions - check out this link HERE)  

For some reason, our big tradition is cinnamon rolls.  My kids sometimes come back home on this weekend just for the rolls.  The links to a few of our favorites are below.  On Friday, I'll post a new favorite. 

Fresh Blueberry Sweet Rolls

Crowd-Size Chunky Monkey Cinnamon Pan Bread

Pudding Added Cinnamon Rolls

Orange Creme Breakfast Fan

Fastest Cinnamon Buns

Fresh Apple Sticky Buns

Another new favorite... recipe coming on Friday.


  1. I am sad we're not coming home... can you put some cinnamon rolls in the freezer for us?

  2. Drool....I didn't know you gave tours...that's cool! Hooray for traditions!