Friday, September 30, 2011

Conference Sunday Dinners

*(This is the final day of five posts about General Conference food traditions - keep scrolling to see prior posts)

Things can't get any better by Sunday afternoon of General Conference weekend.  After listening to inspired counsel from our Prophet & leaders for two wonderful days, it's almost a let-down to have it end.  When my children and grandchildren come to stay, it's tradition to finish this special weekend off by enjoying one last meal with at least a few of our family favorites.  

Some families opt to have their larger Sunday meal in between the morning & afternoon sessions.  My crew is usually still very satisfied after a great breakfast either before, or while we listen to the Sunday morning session.  So, while the little guys run around the yard or take a walk - my kids (now they are adults) are more than happy to help me in the kitchen as I get dinner ready.  (Oh... and did I mention the NAPS?  That's required...)  

We have our last meal of the day after the afternoon session ends.  Then we usually play games and visit about what talks we loved the most till late into the evening.  It's sad to see the weekend come to a close, because we know it will be six long months till it comes around again.

Usually I have to decide if I'm going to simplify this meal, or enjoy making something a little more involved (with their help).  We have fun either way.  Our family favorites usually win out, but we still enjoy trying something new occasionally.  It's heaven to relax in front of the TV while I can smell one of our favorite Sunday meals get closer to setting on the table.  

Hopefully you've found something in this past five days of General Conference food traditions that you want to try sometime.  I'd love to hear what your favorites are (send me a link?)

Sunday Crockpot Mashed Potatoes
Start these in the morning, and you won't
have to worry about them again until it's time for dinner.
Mash them right in the crockpot, (and no boiling over!)
Fall Apart Sunday Roast
A classic in our family.
This is a required skill before you get married...
Judy's Meatloaf
I'm so glad my son-in-law twisted his mother's arm
so we can enjoy her legendary homestyle meatloaf too...
(Thanks Judy!)
Mini Berry Pizzas
Instead of wrestling with a large fruit pizza, we find
it's much easier to serve when assembled on our favorite sugar cookies.
Sunday Spuds
These are a great alternative when I'm tired of my "usual" potato dishes.
They are even better when made with red potatoes.
Brownie Pudding
This is a "Lazy Mom" dessert for Sunday dinner
that everyone enjoys and nobody will complain about.
(and did you know you can hide zucchini in it?)

Unrolled Cordon Bleu Bake
I think this is even better than the traditional
Chicken Cordon Bleu - and it's lightning fast to make.

Conference Crescents
This is a great recipe because it doubles as a
sweet cinnamon roll, or a wonderful dinner roll.
Waterless Carrots
These are a favorite of my grandkids (can you believe that?)
I've never seen kids race to take more carrots - until I made them this way.
Superb Salisbury Steak
Another very simple main dish that seems special.
It also mimics a great restaurant Salisbury Steak.
Ultimate Cream Filled Chocolate Cake
My neighbor (Toni) taught me how to make this cake - it's the best!
I changed it by substituting the cake mix for "Counterfeit Chocolate Cake"
(you'll never believe one of the ingredients is a pureed can of beets...)
Whipping Cream Potatoes
These decadent potatoes are so simple to make
from frozen Southern Style Hashbrowns (and guess what else?)
3 or 4 Packet Roast
Save this recipe for when getting off  the couch
after General Conference is not your priority...
It's been around the internet (and back) because it's so easy.

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  1. I plan on trying both the Fall Apart Sunday Roast and the Chicken Cordon Bleu Unrolled. You ate very well!