Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple Pie Bites

Fall must be sinking in around here because apples are on my mind 24/7.  Sometimes I just want a little bite of apple pie - not an entire slice.  Even though these look like they could be more complicated than a pie - they are fast to wrap up and they bake quickly. Simply apples, cinnamon sugar, & pastry.

A few weeks ago I was browsing on Pinterest and (thought) I spotted an idea similar to this.  Then the phone rang, someone else used the computer, and I could never find it again.  I searched in vain - so I had to recreate the picture I had in my mind from that quick glance.

The idea was simple - it looked like some kind of dough wrapped in a circular fashion around an apple slice.  But what dough?  Puff pastry?  Pie crust?  Biscuit dough?  I’ll never know.  

I experimented with my two favorite pie crust recipes.  I discovered that Buttery Pastry Crust doesn’t work as well when your kitchen is warm.  So I used my go-to pie crust for all occasions - Never Fail Pie Crust (recipe is HERE).  

I rolled it out the way I’ve always done - between two sheets of plastic wrap on a dampened countertop to keep it in place.  Then I lifted the top sheet off, folded the ragged edges of dough on top of itself to straighten it out, and gently rolled again.  It didn’t take much effort to roll an even rectangle.  After some trial & error - I found the ‘magic’ dimensions to avoid wasting dough and adequately wrap around a large apple slice.  

I made these to take to a care center as a treat.  We were helping with a Relief Society meeting where they were assembling hygiene kits for the LDS Humanitarian Center.  These women - (mostly in their 80’s and 90’s) love apples, but fresh apples are too crunchy for them.  We thought these would be great with apple dip.  

These are sweet little bites of tender apple, sprinkled with just enough cinnamon sugar.  

The pastry holds them together, they are simple to dip, and a little drizzle of glaze makes them even better.

For the detailed recipe, photos, and instructions - go to:

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