Monday, October 10, 2011

Mint Chocolate BFO's

Chocolate & mint are the perfect partners.  Dark chocolate and cool mint bring out the best in each other.  Since I’ve never tried my hand at whoopie pies - this version seemed like a good place to start.  I chose to make them bite-size (OK - they were 3-4 bites each... but I was tempted to inhale them in one...)

I found this recipe on jamiecooksitup - Jamie has several wonderful posts on fabulous baked items.  She takes the cookie recipe from, and adds her own frosting & ganache recipe for the finishing touch.  These are so good, they give me a headache.  So much chocolate will force you into a state of bliss.  

So have you ever wondered how the Whoopie Pie came to be?  I hunted for that information and found that in the past, it was also known as a Gob, Black-and-White, and “BFO” (for Big Fat Oreo).  I liked the BFO name - and I’m going to dub these as such.

The Whoopie Pie is an American baked good - considered to be either a cookie, pie, or cake.  It’s made of two round mound-shaped pieces of chocolate cake with a sweet, creamy frosting or filling sandwiched in between.  There is some controversy about which state can claim Whoopie Pies originated there - Pennsylvania & Maine.  The Pennsylvania Dutch claim that the whoopie pie got it’s name when farmers opened their lunch pails to find this treat - shouting “Whoopie!”  One urban legend mentions they were most often made from leftover cake batter.  To complicate it even more - yet another legend says that German immigrants brought the predecessor of the Whoopie Pie with them to communities in the Northeast.

Wherever they came from - they are sinfully delicious.  Big and FAT, they are often called cake/cookies.  Like a cookie sandwich, but always made with a SOFT cookie.

For detailed photos, directions, and the complete recipe - go to:  

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