Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Girls Night" Cooking & Crafts

*(This is the fourth day of five posts about General Conference food traditions - keep scrolling to see prior posts)

Saturday evening - after the first two sessions of General Conference earlier in the day - is the General Priesthood Meeting for men & boys over the age of 12 who hold the Priesthood.  This meeting originates in the Conference Center also, and is broadcast from there to meetinghouses throughout the world.  It has become a tradition for fathers, sons, and brothers to go out for dinner or ice cream after the broadcast.  

We women (mothers, daughters, sisters) look at this as an opportunity to have our own chance at starting traditions.  Depending on the age of who is at home, we've done just about everything.  Sometimes we go shopping at a craft store for a project that only takes one night.  We've played games & made new recipes together.  One year we spent the evening at Gardner Village (a quaint shopping center in Midvale, Utah).  If it's just my daughters - we go out for dinner or ice cream - and maybe a movie.  When the grandkids are here with their moms - we try to do a kid-friendly project with them at the same time (which is a bit trickier, but possible!)  One year we watched "Gone With the Wind" - start to finish (sigh).  

Since the men are usually enjoying ice cream - we've made all kinds of delicious things to enjoy that night (or the next day for dessert).  It's always more fun cooking with your daughters.  Here are a few recipes/crafts we've had fun with on "Girls Night" in years past...

The Fazookie
It's as good as it looks.  Really.
Mason Jar Lanterns
This was a favorite of both the grandkids (and their mothers)
Canning season is usually still underway in October,
so mason jars are always on hand to use.

Death by Chocolate
Women + Chocolate = pure happiness.
This is an easy cake recipe that can be made ahead,
then warm up the chocolate & caramel toppings for the finishing touch.

Night Owl S'mores
The grandkids thought these were great.
Simple to put together, and even more fun to eat.

Butterfinger Mini-Cheesecakes
My daughter Whitney loves all things Butterfinger.

Oreo Black-Eyed Susans
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups for your shallow "pot"
and the "petals" are made from lemon drops & candy corn.

Blackberry Lemon Cloud
Similar to Pavlova, this light & sweet treat
is simple and delicious to make as a group.

Punkin' Snack Bags
Filled with Muddy Buddies, these are just the thing
for the grandkids to give to their friends, teachers, etc...

Kit Kat Squares
Using common crackers, this tastes really close to the real thing.

Stay Soft Playdough
For those little hands that are just NOT a lot of help
as you are trying to work on a craft project.

Smokeless S'mores
These are fabulous.
Enough said.

Freeze-Ahead Peach Pie Filling
Peaches are still in season during October Conference.
This is a way to focus on Preparedness,
while still having fun together.

Food Storage Fudge
Yes - made from pinto beans.
But you won't believe it when you taste it.

Red Velvet Cheesecake
This takes some time to assemble, but it
makes a memorable dessert for Conference Sunday.

Chocolate Tuxedo Bowls
Use inflated balloons to make these edible chocolate bowls.
Later fill with rich chocolate cake cubes & white chocolate mousse.
Donna Lee's Buttermints
These take a group effort in pulling and cutting.
Kind of like Pioneer Taffy Pulling (but better!)

*Check back tomorrow for best-loved "Conference Sunday Dinners".

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  1. Mom,
    This will be the first year, aside from when I was in China that I won't be there for our "girl's night." There is just something about being together as daughters with you. I'll more than miss it. But I can't wait to see what you end up doing/making this year!