Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zucchini Cornbread describes this as “zucchini-flecked cornbread that walks the delicious line between sweet and savory.”  If you don’t care for cornbread that is dry and crumbly - you might want to adopt this version.  If the flecks of green concern you - just imagine them as flecks of green chilies.  Great with chili & a salad.

My ward Relief Society has a tradition of holding a Chili/Cornbread/Cobbler Cook-off every fall.  It was perfect timing last night - as the evenings are just beginning to get chilly - which is my first tip-off that Fall is around the corner.  There were 8 different versions of both chili and cornbread, and a variety of cobblers also.  
I decided to look for a completely different version of cornbread - as I’ve tried a few that were all great.  Check them out (click on the titles...)
Blue-Bottom Cornbread

Autumn Swirl Cornbread

Corn “Cake”

Punkin’ Cornbread

Never Dry Cornbread

This cornbread however, can take on whatever flavor you have in mind - sweet OR savory.  It all depends on what you enjoy it with - salty butter, sweet honeybutter, and my latest favorite “strawberry butter” (a mixture of softened butter and homemade strawberry freezer jam).  

If you’re looking for more of a savory bread - add jalapenos, corn, chives, parsley, and even cheddar or mexican blend cheese.  The original recipe calls for part whole wheat flour, which I didn’t use - but would add even more crunch and a hearty flavor.

When you think about adding zucchini - it makes sense.  This (and other squash) add moisture and improve texture in whatever they are added to.  (If you could just make that tell-tale green skin a little less visible...)

The original recipe directs you to do more than melt the butter - you cook it until the butter solids turn brown - which adds a nutty flavor.  If you want your cornbread more sweet, you could eliminate that step.  You could also sprinkle the top with turbinado (coarse) sugar for more crunch and sweetness.

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