Thursday, October 8, 2009

Autumn Swirl Cornbread - for the busiest "getting dinner on the table" night of the year...

After you read this, you will be SO not impressed with my cooking skills (!?!) This is for the busiest getting-dinner-on-the-table night of the entire year... Halloween. You are probably going to have “Dinner In A Pumpkin” right? You NEED a super-easy-somewhat-festive cornbread to stick to your little Goblins’ ribs. Enough said!

In my “Pumpkin Chili” post yesterday, I mentioned I would post several different cornbread recipes (more coming soon...) Cornbread is REQUIRED at certain times of the year with certain meals - and now is that time. It needs to be somewhat sweet, somewhat moist, and yet dry enough to soak up all that wonderful STUFF we dream up to drench it in (honey butter, jam, etc...)

I’ve decided to post the EASY cornbread first... I remember as a young mother trying to get everyone’s costumes wrapped around their wiggly little frames, a bit of make up on their dinner-smeared faces, the candles in the pumpkins LIT, the porch light ON, the treats out of the big bag and into an actual BOWL, gathering up a BAG (or pillowcase) for each of my goblins to put their candy in... need I go ON? Yes, it is the busiest dinner hour of the year.

But I do remember trying to make something festive for dinner - which nobody even cared to look at because they were so excited to get the costumes on and GO! That is why this cornbread is made with a mix - and a good one at that. If you want cornbread that has the attributes that most of us go for - you can’t go wrong with a Marie Calendar’s mix.

To make it festive, it just takes one additional (EASY) step... And the kids might even stop long enough to notice and ask “What’s that stuff in it?”

For this recipe, photos, and instructions - go to: ("empty nest" tab)

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  1. Fun idea. I had never thought of doing something like that. The almond mousse cake you posted looks way too delish!