Friday, September 9, 2011

Yeast Cornbread

This recipe was submitted to a Canadian newspaper years ago.  This bread is a good alternative to it’s ‘cakey’ cousin that literally turns to crumbs when served.  It’s firm texture doesn’t change how moist and buttery it tastes.  If you can’t finish it warm from the oven, it makes fantastic toast the next day.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking twice before making cornbread with a meal.  Although it’s delicious and hearty - I really dislike how how far (and wide) those cornbread crumbs can travel - especially if there are children involved.  
Early this summer I tried a great yeast cornmeal roll recipe (that post is coming), so that got me wondering if there was a yeast version of cornbread.  There were a few, but not many.  I chose this one because it had a touch of brown sugar & the cornmeal was cooked before being added to the dough.  Sometimes cornmeal can be really gritty when added dry.  I also noticed there was NO added fat (a real plus when you consider how much additional fat is spread onto your cornbread with butter/honeybutter/etc...)

This bread has great flavor, and is less gritty than traditional cornbread.  The texture seemed a little on the heavy side (probably because I was impatient and didn’t let it rise long enough before baking).  

I was surprised how moist and buttery it tasted, even without buttering it first.  When I toasted it the next day, it woke up the cornmeal and you could really tell it was there.  The delicate crunch made it so good with strawberry butter (mixture of softened butter + frozen strawberry jam).

Next time you serve chili, see if anyone notices your cornbread really IS a bread.

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