Saturday, June 19, 2010

Never Dry Cornbread

This cornbread has an unbelievable texture.  It will NOT crumble, and it could probably qualify as corn CAKE.  When baked in a cast iron pan, it stays the perfect temperature to go back for more during the entire meal.  If you like your cornbread dry and crumbly - this recipe is not for you...

Most Dads have a favorite accompaniment for their ultimate meal, which is usually served on Father’s Day (or their birthday).  There will be lots of comfort foods served around the world this Father’s Day, and this certainly belongs in the “comfort” category.   (Just in case you were wondering... that's creamed honey drizzled over the butter.  If you've never tried it - you don't know what you're missing)

My husband Jay was not fussy - all he expected was a passable meal once a day.   I enjoyed trying to figure out his favorite foods.  Over our almost twenty five years together I was able to find several recipes he would ask for again and again.  But I could never produce the perfect cornbread.  In his mind, it should be just dry enough to benefit from plenty of honey and butter - yet not so moist that it wouldn’t absorb what you choose to put on.  

He’s been gone almost eight years now, and I miss him even more each Father’s Day.  When I tried this recipe, I could just imagine him saying that I finally got it right (in his sweet way, of course)

I read through the pages of comments on this recipe I found online at  The different preferences and definitions of the perfect cornbread are too many to count.  So I took the ones that sounded plausible to me, and tweaked it to Jay’s preference.  

One “requirement” that seemed to be universal was to bake it in a cast iron pan. You can tell I’m not from the South - I had never heard that one before.  Many commented “there is no other pan for cornbread!”.  So I gave it a try.  They are right!  It was amazing cornbread - tender and moist inside, and crispy on the outside.  

See if the favorite man in your life agrees that this recipe is close to perfection.

For the recipe, directions, and step-by-step photos - go to:

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