Thursday, August 4, 2011

Simple Aromat Potatoes

These tender slices of potato are gently seasoned, and crowned with crisp cheddar cheese.  I found this printed in the food section of the newspaper not long ago.  I had never even heard of “Aromat” - let alone tried it.  This works well for any quantity of potatoes you wish to make - just adjust the amounts down to serve even one person - yourself.  

There’s some thing about potatoes baked in cream that turns them heavenly (instead of heavy).  Then... add a unique seasoning along with fresh parsley - irresistible.  

Aromat seasoning is very “savory”.  It’s made in Switzerland and can be a challenge to find - depending on where you live.  Anything, however, can be ordered online...  The ingredients sound very interesting, but two in particular are high in what is called “umami” - a Japanese word meaning “pleasant savory taste”.  Savoriness is one of the five basic tastes - together with sweet, sour, bitter, and salty.  

I found a jar of Aromat at a local grocery store where I can typically find unusual seasonings - Harmon’s in the Salt Lake area.  It is higher in cost than I typically pay, but I’ve enjoyed experimenting with it.  When I lift the lid and take a sniff - it reminds me of roast chicken.  

This recipe takes all of 1 hour to bake after peeling & slicing your potatoes - not labor intensive at all.  Although I have other potato recipes I enjoy more (such as Whipping Cream Potatoes, Sunday Spuds, and Potato Socks) - these were great for the amount of time it took to get them on the table in a hurry.

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