Saturday, August 6, 2011

Red Velvet & White Chocolate Cake Roll

Red Velvet always shows up in February - but when paired with blueberries, it makes a great patriotic dessert.  If I had been more motivated, I would have experimented with layering it so the slices resembled a flag - but alas - maybe another year.  I enjoyed the flavor of this simpler version of red velvet cake.

I first spotted a red velvet cake roll on  But then I read through the instructions and ingredient list, and this version from (via Flo Braker’s Baking for All Occasions) caught my eye. I went for simple. 

Even as good as this is - I still prefer other desserts that aren’t loaded with red dye - but it doesn’t hurt to get out of my box occasionally. The cake is really delicious with just a touch of cocoa. The filling however, is to die for. Cream Cheese. White Chocolate. Butter. Who wouldn’t enjoy that combination?

In the past when I’ve made jelly roll-type cakes, I’ve always had trouble with the cake sticking to the pan. This method is much simpler, and it came off easily.

The recipe may appear complicated, but it’s simply a matter of following several steps. (Don’t make it on a day you know you’ll be distracted - recipe for disaster?) You’ll want to check out Mel’s method of keeping the cake roll from cracking - if you have enough patience to follow it to the letter. In my estimation - cracks in the cake are not anything to punish yourself over (just more room for the filling to “fill in”?)

Now... to make this into a Christmas dessert?  What would you add for a touch of green?
For the recipe, with photos & links - go to:

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