Saturday, February 20, 2010

Whipping Cream Potatoes - just in time for Sunday Dinner...

Here you go...”a perfect waist-watching, heart-healthy recipe!  But ohhhh so good!”    
That is how my friend Jennie described these heavenly potatoes.  If you have grown tired of the standard, everyday “funeral potatoes” that you have at every family and church gathering - give these a whirl just for the experience! 

Just how many variations can one make of quite possibly the most duplicated recipe in Mormon culture?  Funeral potatoes to Mormons are comparable to main starch dishes in any other culture.  They are memorable because they are served at social functions - where we mingle and form relationships that are meaningful and lasting.

When my friend gave me this recipe I hesitated at first.  It almost felt like I was discarding my loyalty to all things wonderful by wanting to try something different than the standard fare.  Wow - these were fantastic!  

What I loved about them (besides the fact that they are rich, creamy, and comforting) is that I could assemble them just in time for church, set the timed bake on my oven for two hours, and have them ready and waiting when the family walked in the door three hours later.  You don’t even need to cover them.

You're right - these won't grace the front cover of a gourmet cooking magazine.  They look a little scary when you take them out of the oven - but the first scoop reveals a texture that is no longer milky, but like creamy cottage cheese.  What a nice change.  Now - don’t blame me when you step on the scale tomorrow (I DID warn you...)

Pretty they're not - but these potatoes are the ultimate comfort food!

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  1. I've never seen this combination before. It looks so rich and delicious!