Sunday, March 22, 2009

Potato "Socks" - ("Twice-Baked" or stuffed)

I look forward to Sunday dinner all week - but it is a real challenge to make small amounts. I have found our favorite meal is Twice-Baked Potatoes & Cooks-All-Day Roast (I’ll post that in the future). For just the two of us, I slow-cook a chuck steak - and then I’m not plagued with leftovers for days. You may think it’s not necessary for a “tutorial” for these potatoes - but it’s always fun to compare methods!

I can bribe my children into almost anything by offering to bake these for Sunday dinner. My college students think they’ve struck gold when I send a container of these back to school with them. These are SO easy to warm up in the microwave with any leftover meat from your weekend meals. You may feel these are tedious to make, but remember you will enjoy these for several meals to come (without all the mess!)

For the (easy) recipe, instructions, and photos - go to: (click on the "empty nest" tab)

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