Monday, March 23, 2009

Peanut Butter Fingers - BIG (or small) batch

These may bring back memories of the only cookie you fondly remember from elementary school lunch. This cookie is chewy, and just sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth (temporarily, of course). If you’re looking for a way to use up your leftover chocolate frosting - this will give it a second life...

I’m including two quantities here - the first for a large crowd (cookie sheet size), and the second for keeping just a few on hand for you with enough leftover to give away to someone else (the SAFER version) I could have told you to HALF the recipe - but it’s nice to have someone do the math for you (and math was NOT something I remember fondly from elementary school - unlike this cookie!)

For both sizes of this recipe, photos, and hints (like how to make straight, even lines when cutting your bar cookies - I'll show you the gadget...) go to: (click on the "full house" tab)


  1. I can't get your website to work. Some how the link doesn't go through. Is it just me?

  2. So sorry! It works just fine as far as I know. If the link won't work - just type this into your address bar...

    Then make sure you go to the right button at the top - in this case, it would be "full house"