Thursday, April 25, 2013

Single Serve Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie is one of those “ultimate” desserts that only come around every so often.  The hardest thing about it sometimes is getting it out of the pie plate without ruining it’s loveliness.  Serving it in cups allows you to see the pastel green color, the lime zest, and the delicious crust - all without mishaps!

This recipe was shared by a (new) friend who served on a Relief Society Women’s Conference committee with me.  She is one of those people I love serving with - one who says “thanks for letting me serve!”  (Those people are RARE gems!)

We decided rather than having ONE dessert for this large group, we would have each of the 10 wards bring a different dessert or savory item - all served in clear plastic cups.  This would make desserts easy to hold and enjoy as the women visited.  We found some fun mini mock-sterling (plastic) spoons and forks that looked so fun inserted in each one.

We also served items I’ve already posted here - such as:  White Chocolate Mousse, Fresh Fruit Trifles with Mint/Lime Dressing, Veggie Dipsticks, Cherry Cheesecake, and 2 versions of Chocolate Mousse.  There are a few others I will post when I get their recipes.

Our quickie photo before running everything out to the serving tables...
I had to come home and make this delicious pie-in-a-cup as soon as I could.  My family loved it!  Thanks Sally for sharing!

For the Key Lime Pie recipe - go to:

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