Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fresh Fruit Trifles with Mint/Lime Dressing

Fresh fruit has been tempting ever since the Garden of Eden - and putting so much of it in one little bowl makes this irresistible as well.  A summery mix of fresh fruit takes on an entirely different blend of flavors with the addition of Mint Lime Dressing.  Delicious as a salad, and wonderful as dessert.

When I’m looking for one more item to make a meal complete, I usually settle on fruit.  This summer I’ve had a lot of salads that are tossed in a bowl and ladled onto a serving plate.  But I was looking for something that looked like I went to a little more effort.

I shouldn’t be surprised at the amazing selection of fruit available right now - it is July.  Once I decided on melon, the strawberries drew me in.  And then the fresh pineapple looked great, not to mention the blueberries.  I thought while I was on a roll, I would complete my color wheel and add some kiwi and bright oranges.  

A long time ago I found these individual trifle bowls.  I can’t count how many times they have come in handy.  When I bought them I felt guilty because it seemed ‘impractical’ at the time.  But we’re good friends now.

I started the night before by doing all the prep work.  Some of my favorite fruits require some (knife)work to bring out their natural beauty.  Once it’s done, I can use fresh cut fruit for more than these trifles - often for several days (and meals).

All it needed now was a very subtle dressing.  I usually use the standard poppy seeds and nuts, but I was looking for something that would bring out the flavor of the fruit - not hide it.  I was lucky to find this recipe on ivillagefood.com.  

I plan on using this one again.  I had a tough time finding fresh mint leaves - every package I found was really sub-standard.  (I guess mint is going in my next-years's garden...)  
I decided to try reviving it by letting it sit in a wet paper towel overnight - and I was surprised at how it resurrected.  

Even if you don’t think you like fresh mint - you owe it to yourself to try this dressing. One word = yum.

For directions, the recipe for the dressing, and some hints & tricks for cutting/slicing fresh fruits - go to:

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