Friday, November 5, 2010

(World's Easiest) Chocolate Mousse

From first thought to the finish line - this takes less than an hour to prepare & serve.  Elegant and creamy enough for those you want to impress, yet down-home enough to eat in your pajamas while enjoying a chick-flick.  Dress it up in fancy single-serve size dishes, or nestle in bite-size cream puffs.

I love cream puffs - and especially plain with no filling.  That’s absurd, but I really like the flavor of those little puffs of air.  So what I use for a filling should not compete with, (or mask it) in any way.

I made a batch of mini cream puffs for a baby shower (which I’ll post soon) - and I had several leftover that looked lonely without filling.  Mousse sounded heavenly, but I wasn’t in the mood for a complex recipe.
I found this on, and I was skeptical about the simple list of ingredients.  Very unconventional, but I had everything I needed and decided to jump in and try it.

This is a delicious mousse that is just sweet enough.  But don’t get out your magnifying glass, as you will find that the chocolate pudding will not completely dissolve until after it has set for a while.  

Would I make this again?  Yes - but only when it’s hidden in the middle of a cake, cream puff, or crepe.  For a stand-alone dessert, go for the extra-effort of traditional mousse to make it a show-stopper.

For simple instructions, go to:

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