Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Melon Up... (While Summer Lasts)

Once the 'dog days' of summer arrive (you know what I'm talking about... HOT days, muggy nights, no end in sight) I have to remind myself that there are some things I will miss about this time of year.  One of them is melon... of all kinds, and not the flavor-less melon you see in the salad bars during the wintertime.  Melon is great right now - it tastes so real.

Saturday my daughter and I went to our (small) town farmer's market (one more thing about summer that I'll miss).  While we were strolling around the different vendors, one of them offered us a PLUG of watermelon.  As he handed it to us, I noticed the tool he was using to remove it from the melon.  I thought - hey... I OWN that thing!  It's a Pampered Chef Apple Corer tool - a slick little tool that has other uses than the obvious one... like cutting watermelon into a cool new shape.  

It's really self-explanatory... so I'm not going to bore you with detailed instructions.  The pictures speak for themselves.

Cut a cross section of (seedless) melon that is about the same
height as your apple coring tool.  Start around the perimeter
of the melon first.  Keep "plugging" away at it until you've
used most of the melon.  

The melon plugs are easy to remove by sliding the black plastic
section down the shaft.  Easy, peasy.

This is what's left.  These scraps can make another favorite...

BMP (Berry/Melon/Pineapple) Smoothies
Link is HERE.
There are several different types of this tool on the market - just google "apple corer" and you'll see what I mean.  Not sure if they work as well as this one (it 'ejects' the melon as you push the black slider the other way)

Now I just need to find a fun way to serve this... any ideas?  How do you tackle that 20-30 lb beast of a melon?

In case you're interested, here is a past post on an easy way to cut melon (besides the standard "cubes").  Literally takes ten minutes to slice your melon this way.

Watermelon Wedges 101
Tutorial is HERE.

A little nicer presentation than cubed, don't you think?

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