Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BMP (Berry/Melon/Pineapple) Smoothie

After a major Summer holiday (such as the 4th of July) - I would bet the majority of us have at least a few slices of watermelon hanging out in the refrigerator.  Combine it with two other ingredients for a fabulous smoothie that will leave you wondering “what’s in this?”  One little trick makes it even better.

My daughter Aryn introduced this (very simple) smoothie to us at our family reunion last week.  We had spent a long day playing at the lake - and we returned very sunburned, hungry, and thirsty.  

Earlier in the week, Aryn asked me to pick up just three ingredients so we could make this.  I did as she asked - and for convenience, I cubed the melon and pineapple beforehand, then stored them in ziplocs to take on our trip.  

Although I had cubed the watermelon beforehand, we used up the leftover slices of watermelon we had taken to the lake that day.  Normally it would have been long forgotten in the refrigerator after a few days.  This was a nice way to use them up and not let them go to waste.

I took along my blender (my favorite kitchen appliance lately), and it made short work of these smoothies.  Two batches fed 19 of us.  It was perfect served alongside the Cafe Rio spread she had made ahead of time (that recipe is here).  

I’ll tell you - that was a terrific meal.  It really hit the spot coming home wasted after being in the sun all day long.
No amazing photo-op... it was consumed in a flash!
Just make sure your strawberries are frozen - that’s what makes it just the right texture of ‘slushiness’ - if you know what I mean.  I guess it would still be great with fresh berries, but it was just frozen enough.  No brain freeze, not too thick, and SO refreshing!

For the recipe, go to:

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