Saturday, July 7, 2012

Everyday Pancakes w/Cinnamon Swirl

Pancakes are a staple at our family reunions - and this year my daughter, Whitney, outdid herself by making a cinnamon roll version. She then added a thin, buttery glaze that she drizzled on the finished stack. These were so good... regular pancakes will never be the same.  She did her research and shared the tips & tricks with us.

Our favorite family recipe for pancakes we call (simply...) Everyday Pancakes.  They are just not the same if you substitute soured milk for the buttermilk - so I ALWAYS have a quart of buttermilk in my refrigerator at any given time.  They are not as fluffy without real buttermilk.

Whitney found a blog post for “Cinnamon Roll Pancakes” and then adapted it to our favorite pancake recipe.  She skipped the cream cheese glaze, and made a simple buttery glaze instead - which made it more pourable and easy to drizzle.  

Every reunion Whitney and her husband Randy put on our pancake breakfast.  Their specialty is blueberry and chocolate chip, but this year’s Cinnamon Swirl was a big hit.  Next year we want to try adding just a hint of cinnamon to our regular maple syrup - for those who don’t want “icing” on their pancakes.  

Check out the work of my artsy grandkids (above) - they really got into it by making faces on theirs.  Fresh raspberries from my mother’s garden, big fat blueberries, and crispy bacon gave them lots of inspiration for creativity.

Whitney (one of my efficient daughters) assembled the dry ingredients for these pancakes in an ice cream bucket for convenience - and brought the buttermilk, eggs, and oil in a separate container.  She put together the cinnamon swirl and glaze in squeezable bottles the night before leaving for our reunion - just giving them a quick stir before using.  That morning all she had to do was heat up the griddle and whisk together the pancake batter.  

Be sure to pay attention to the hints, and your cinnamon roll swirl pancakes will be flawless.

For the recipe, go to:


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  2. We were too... we'll save some for you next year!

  3. Mom, you're giving me too much credit! I believe you told me about this... and you helped me make the filling and the glaze. So, you're the mastermind behind this project! But, it's always fun to cook with you so thanks for all your great ideas.