Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fireworks Mix

Whenever we had to ‘wait’ for anything big (like a 4th-of-July Fireworks show) with a family of small kids - it always helped to take along snacks.  Not snacks that get sticky and make a crumbly mess - but those that held their interest and didn’t make them wired from lots of sugar.  This snack mix will do just that.

With the 4th soon upon us, I was visiting with my married kids about what to make for the little ones while we celebrate the holiday.  Kids get bored with the same thing - which is easy to buy in mega-bulk size at warehouse stores (think pretzels, goldfish, and animal crackers).  

This is what I came up with for our reunion this week.  It has lots of different items, not too much sugar, and it even has a touch of red, white, & blue to keep us patriotic.

I made a really tasty version of a sweet Chex mix which I used for variety.  I’ll post that soon...

I put all these dry snacks in a huge 2-gallon ziploc bag, then I can pour it into a big bowl and add any of the other “good” stuff (dried fruit, M & M’s, marshmallows, etc...) when we decide the grandkids (and their parents) can handle it.

So many choices out there - this can be a lot of fun.  I found the red/white/blue marshmallows & the red/white/blue M & M’s at Walmart (totally surprised!)  I had dried blueberries and cranberries already.  

This is a great combination of sweet & salty - combined with patriotic colors - any kid (or adult) will enjoy.  Break out some paper cups, sandwich bags, or some other fun container for them to have their own portion.

For the specifics & other ideas, go to:

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