Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Creamy Spinach & Chicken Rollups

I can see a typical enchilada with my eyes closed - and this is definitely not typical.  Take sauteed spinach, cheese, and chicken rolled in a sundried tomato basil wrap - then smother in a sauce with a hint of sour cream.  Then sprinkle heavily with cheese and let the flavors blend.  Deliciously different.

I’ve had fun experimenting with two new flavors of wraps - spinach/herb and sundried tomato basil.  They are a nice change of pace from plain flour tortillas, and so good with deli meat, greens, and other veggies.  

I thought I’d give them a whirl in a baked enchilada ('rollup').  Somehow ground beef or heavy shredded beef seemed a bit much - so I opted for canned chicken breast.  I had these in the oven in about half an hour.  

Saving the broth when you open the canned chicken is a great beginning for the sauce.  A little bit of butter combined with cornstarch made it very smooth, then adding milk and sour cream improved it even more.  

As with most multi-ingredient, saucy dishes - allowing it to stand and “set” for about 10 minutes always makes it easier to serve without falling apart.  
These are great warmed up in the microwave as leftovers.

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