Friday, August 26, 2011

Look Forward to Lunch - "Stick-wiches"

Three of my eight grandchildren started school this week - and that makes Moms realize they can’t depend on mac ‘n cheese and PB&J anymore.  Here are some economical ideas that will make any kid look forward to breaking into a lunch packed from home.  With these in their sack, and they might find they have some bargaining power to trade...

My daughter Aryn, and my daughter-in-law Tara have officially survived their first week of getting back on a schedule, establishing a homework routine, tucking the kids in earlier, AND worrying about lunch again.  Each of them have their own bag of tricks for this time of year, and they are the best mothers!  

Love the containers wrapped in familiar school supplies...
A tin can supports the pencil vase, and an 8-oz tomato sauce can is behind the crayons.
Use elastics to hold it all together, wrap with ribbon (or not!) - and you're done.

Today, Aryn sent me these photos she took of a presentation she was in charge of organizing for her ward Relief Society Meeting last night.  I thought it was awesome!  (It’s fun to be able to feature one of my children - isn't she great?

Aryn's friend Angela (the counselor in their Relief Society)
put together this visual comparing the processed convenience foods
we typically reach for with healthier (and less expensive) alternatives
that can be made at home.  An additional step that doesn't take that long
can yield dollars over an entire school year.

Their meeting focused on getting yourself organized so you can spend time doing what matters most in your family (see a great talk or video on that very topic)  Sometimes I find myself doing everything BUT what I really need to do - I’m great at avoidance.  When I actually take the time to do a little preparation beforehand, I always wonder what the big DEAL was about taking the first step and doing it.  Maybe you can relate.  
Aryn found (and sent me a link to) an excellent article on avoidance - wish I had read it when I was mothering all my children.  It’s called “Going on a Bear Hunt” - and the link is HERE.  You’ll love it - no matter what stage of life you’re in - it’s well worth your time.

I’ll share the recipe Aryn found for “Stick-wiches”... but enjoy all the other hints and tricks in the photos.  These little sandwiches are so much more fun than two slices of bread with the same old fillings in the middle.  They even made ME hungry.  Food is so much better when you can rearrange it, or present it in a new way.
(The link to the recipe for the great packable Brown Bag Bar Cookie shown above, is HERE)

For the recipe for "Stick-wiches" - go to:

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  1. Aryn your Relief Society meeting looks like it was a success! I'm looking forward to reading the talk on avoidance. Such a great spin on sandwiches!