Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brown Bag Bars

(*To those who may have tried this recipe in the past few days... I apologize!  In the recipe link below - a reader (thanks Cathy!) noticed that it was missing the most important ingredient - peanut butter!  Thanks to her email/comment - I have corrected it.)

Lil’ Debbie (and equivalent brands) of lunch snacks would soon get old when my kids were taking lunch from home.  I tried to find something that was “packable” and wouldn’t crumble in their backpacks before they actually made it to the lunchroom.  These have been a long-time favorite.

The first equation that my kids had memorized soon after they started 1st grade was this... peanut butter + oatmeal + chocolate chips = mmmmm.  

I don’t know where I found this recipe - it’s that old.  We love it because once you add the peanut butter frosting and let it set - it stays put and doesn’t melt (yet it doesn’t dry out either).

It doesn’t take a culinary school graduate to make it either - pretty basic.  The chocolate chips are sprinkled over the top, which makes it easy to “swirl” if you so choose.  

You can cut these large or small, and they package well when placed in cupcake liners (seasonal designs are fun, as shown)

For this quick-fix recipe, go to:

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