Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mason Jar Lanterns

This idea is nothing new, but it was to my sweet grandkids.  They were thrilled (to say the least) to take home this make-it-yourself craft for Halloween.  I hesitated, because it WAS a bit of a mess!  But the look on their faces when we turned on the battery operated flickering candles inside was priceless.

You’re right.  This is a CRAFT, not a recipe.  But since this is my blog, I make (and break) my own rules occasionally.  And besides - you CAN fill these with your choice of Halloween candy, popcorn, treats, etc...
Every October Conference, my daughters and daughters-in-law get together during the Saturday evening Priesthood Session when the men are all safely tucked away in a local stake center listening to counsel on how to become (even) better fathers.
We then set out to prove that we CAN accomplish something - even with seven grandchildren (under the age of 7) underfoot.  This year, it took us till 1:00 AM to finish up - we just couldn’t get enough.
We started by serving a gourmet meal of BLUE BOX Mac ‘n Cheese to the kids, then let them run crazy in the backyard.   While they wore themselves out, we women folk lined my little ‘grandkids table’ with newspaper and set out supplies.  
(At this point, I have to remind myself that it really doesn’t matter that my house will look totally different than it did just an hour before.  I’ve grown out of that phase, and I have to acclimate all over again...)
This is when I let my daughters and daughter-in-law take charge and run with it.  I assigned myself to the cutting table, where all the facial features were cut from black construction paper.  

Amazing to see the creativity explode... it’s a wonderful thing.  I must say, my grandkids are THE cutest.  Period.

We also found the value of putting on old Disney movies, popping popcorn, and letting the little ones doze off while we continued late into the night...

For a really quick (& dirty) tutorial, go to: 

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