Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pumpkin Carrot Cake

Have you ever thought you came up with a completely unique idea, only to find someone had already beat you to it?  This cake had already been dreamed up, but the proportions of the ingredients were so VERY inconvenient.  This recipe calls for an ENTIRE can of pumpkin and pineapple - no leftovers to worry about... 

This is a good ‘transition recipe’ - with flavors that make me think FALL, HALLOWEEN, THANKSGIVING  - all in one   This is a dense, ultra-moist cake that really doesn’t require anything else - but we all know that carrot cake is destined for cream cheese frosting, and it doesn’t hurt to include it.

The website where I found one (of many) versions of this idea only yielded two nine-inch layers.  I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to the effort to grate carrots (just about the messiest job in anyone’s book) - I want to grate more than one.   I don't think I'm the only one who can never find a SMALL can of crushed pineapple.  I always end up storing the tiny amount left over, only to throw it out later.  Then, there’s canned pumpkin.  I avoid the ginormous cans, and even have a hard time using up an entire 15 oz can.  

I reached waaaayyyy back into my elementary school days and tried to dredge up my fractions skills to adjust this recipe.  Even after spending a good amount of time thinking about it, I was still apprehensive to see how it turned out.  I was pleasantly surprised, and I hope you are also.

I chose not to stack my layers, but left them in the round pans and gave each a nice coating of my mother’s delicious cream cheese frosting (that uses ONE FULL 8-oz package of cream cheese - with no leftovers of course...)

For this perfect Fall recipe, go to:

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