Monday, October 11, 2010

One-Kind-Fits-All Mac 'n Cheese

There are two distinct camps for mac ‘n cheese - kids & adults.  Rarely can you find one that pleases both.  After playing with ingredients & amounts, I’ve found one that my grandkids will inhale - and even the adults are satisfied with.  The topping jazzes it up, and just a hint of processed cheese adds a touch of “blue box” for the kids.

I’ve tried just about every homemade version of mac ‘n cheese out there.  The truly ‘homemade’ versions have wonderful flavor, but the cheese curdles during baking.  The ‘kid-friendly’ versions resemble the blue box variety.

I found a few ‘gourmet’ recipes calling for several types of foodie cheeses that I couldn’t even pronounce, (let alone FIND) in any of the real stores I shop at.  I decided to make a down-to-earth concoction using ingredients I could afford, talk little people into trying, and feel good about.

I don’t like to unearth my mac ‘n cheese from beneath a heavy topping - so I’ve included two amounts, and you choose the heaviness you prefer.  Part of the reason I like making my own mac ‘n cheese is so I can control the preservatives, processed ingredients, etc...  So, I’m sure you’re wondering what is up with the processed cheese?  Adding just a few slices keeps the cheese sauce from curdling - so I can overlook one evil for the result it yields.

Large elbow macaroni makes a real difference.  The larger diameter makes it easier for the cheese sauce to enclose the pasta - inside and out - making it extra tender and creamy. 

For this dish that the kid in everyone will love, go to:

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  1. Barbara made this for us over Thanksgiving, and it was very, very good! We're getting ready to make it again. Thank you for another very tasty recipe!
    Love, Aunt Nelda.