Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lazy (Free-Form) Pie

This pie is different from a galette or a crostata in that it is contained in a pie pan.  Typically you need to take care when making one, as fillings can escape the folded edge when baked on a flat surface.  This free-form pie can be filled with both sweet or savory fillings, and is beautifully rustic.

Sometimes even the thought of making a 2-crust pie is enough to make me sit down and read a book instead.  When I tried this method recently (on a Plum Galette HERE) - it was great to roll once and be done...  
I decided to rename this free-form pie - even though it LOOKS like a galette (which is French), and a crostata (which is Italian).  Using the same technique for the crust, you really CAN add just about any filling and it will stay put.  

When baked on a flat surface, a juicy filling may overflow - but nestling this ‘pie’ in a quiche or tart pan helps prevent that from happening.  When using fresh fruits, avoid overdoing it with sugar or thickening - as you want the fruit to show it’s true colors.

Layering the fruit makes a nice presentation and adds elegance to the finished pie.  You could even substitute coarse sugar for the fine table sugar for more texture.

I've used a different pastry for this type of pie, as my other favorite(s) tear easily as I overlap the edges - but use your judgement.  Chilling the dough before rolling helps keep it firm enough that it's less likely to fall apart when forming the edge.  I’ve never had issues with pie crust when using plastic wrap to roll it out (see the post HERE for this no-stress method).  

For this easy alternative to a two-crust pie - go to:


  1. Any time you take the TIME to make pie crust, the word LAZY can't be involved! This looks delicious and perfect for the season. Thanks for the lesson on terms galette and crostata, I didn't know they were interchangable and where they hailed from. I'm making a plum galette or crostata today!

  2. That looks great, Anne. I've been trying my hand at pie crust lately....wow. I have a lot of room for improvement. I should give this one a try!