Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oven (or Crockpot) Stuffed Tomatoes

If you’re still enjoying a bumper crop of tomatoes from your garden - you’ll appreicate this hearty way to use them.  Tender tomatoes form a flavorful jacket for the satisfying filling.  A generous layer of melted cheese over the meat & rice makes them irresistible.  No need to skin the tomatoes either, as it aids in holding it all together during baking.

I keep waiting for our amazingly LONG summer to turn into full blown fall - and it’s taking it’s time.  My tomatoes were late getting started, and now are looking really great (once I remembered to turn off the water so they would ripen)  
This is one of several recipes my daughter & her husband used to survive their summer cooking in a hotel room (see "Dining @ the Super 8" post HERE).  She turned into quite the ‘slow-cooker gourmet’ - by necessity!  She shared this with me a few months ago, but it has taken all summer to save up enough tomatoes to actually try it.

Mistakes happen, and sometimes that’s the beginning of something good.  I recently purchased a can of diced tomatoes - only I didn’t notice they had jalapenos.  I opened them for taco soup and then realized I had grabbed the wrong can - so I decided to try them in this recipe.  I liked the little extra heat it added - so if you think this is too bland for your tastes, use the jalapeno variety.

I always make a grundle of rice, which I keep on hand in the refrigerator for recipes like this one.  You could also use instant rice if you are in a hurry.  This was really a fun meal - great for a change, and so pretty with fresh tomatoes.  You can also stuff green peppers with this mixture for a change of pace.  

For one more way to use your summer tomato harvest - go to: 

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