Friday, October 15, 2010

Pepperoni Pizza Puffs (aka - 'Fright Bites')

Fall meals are often ‘on the run’ - to soccer practice, football games, trick-or-treating - you name it.  When I would try to get kids to eat in a hurry it always backfired and I lost the battle.  If I had tried these back in the day with my kids, I’m sure they would have inhaled them in a hurry without any arguments.

I found these on Rachel Ray’s website, and they reminded me of another ‘puff’ I always made to go with soup (I need to post that one!).  These little bites are packed with protein, and in a pinch - could be a good stand-in for a meal on the run.

I fiddled around with a pizza sauce/dip that was terrific with these, and (again) I’ll post that soon as well.  I made these in mini-muffin tins, but they would also be good (and faster) in a standard muffin tin - just adjust the baking time accordingly.
You can’t go wrong with these if your family likes pizza.  They taste just like you ordered them at your favorite pizza parlor.  

They would also be fun for a Halloween buffet - have fun naming them something reminiscent of the holiday (as in my lame “fright bites”).  You could make sure your trick-or-treaters have a few of these on a busy Halloween evening, since your goblins are really NOT interested in a sit-down meal that night anyway.

For this fast & simple recipe, go to:

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