Monday, August 22, 2011

Brownie Pudding - two versions.

This is our family comfort food - not difficult to make, and great warm or cold.  I always have the ingredients, and a scoop of ice cream makes it company-worthy.  I’ve included some hints that will yield even more of the rich chocolate pudding, adjust the sweetness, and save you from having too many dirty dishes.

Since this blog is primarily for my own children, they often remind me that I need to post more of our long-time family favorites that they grew up with.  These family recipes are not trendy, photo-worthy, or cutting edge - and will never make you the next Food Network star.  But that’s precisely why they stand the test of time around here.

I honestly can’t remember where I ran across this recipe.  It wasn’t a favorite of my husband (his was “Pig Pudding” - link is HERE) - but most of my children loved this hot from the oven with either table cream or ice cream melting over the top.

Since I’ve made it so many times, I have adjusted my technique so that it’s even easier.  I use ONE bowl to make it - start to finish.  
Lately I’ve tried to make it a little less sweet.  Everyone goes for the thick, glossy pudding that forms on the bottom - so I’ve found a way to increase that as well.  As most of my kids used to say to me when they anticipated my overreaction to something - “now, don’t freak out...”  The secret is adding shredded zucchini.  Wait - don’t click away - it really does work!

I’ve included both the original version of Brownie Pudding, and the one where I’ve added zucchini - at least give ONE of them a chance.  And remember, it’s not pretty until you take a big scoop and flip it over - allowing the brownie pudding to flow down the sides like a volcano.
Maybe your family has your own version of this dessert.  If so - what do YOU call it, and how is it different?

For both versions of this family favorite recipe, go to:


  1. I love this - we call it Chocolate Cobbler - the good stuff sinks and the even better stuff makes the cake on top = just like cobbler! Neither my husband or I like cooked fruit so this is one cobbler we'll eat!!! I am going to try it with the zuke next time! Thanks for sharing - Erin in Minnesota