Monday, August 29, 2011

Poppy Seed Chicken

My mother and I agree that one day a week should be designated as legal for all things ‘comfort-food’.  For me, the one meal that deserves that privilege is Sunday dinner.  The rest of the week I’ll try to be a responsible eater, but I have to fall off the wagon occasionally to enjoy the journey.  This recipe certainly fits into the comfort food category - hands down.

 After seeing lots of variations of this recipe being exchanged over past years - I decided it was time to give it a chance.  At first, I could only see it’s vices - butter, sour cream, buttery crackers... not to mention little black seeds (that my grandkids would detest - that’s how I judge a recipe lately)
Once I had my first bite - I silently scolded myself for not caving sooner.  It’s not a recipe that will go down in history - but it was amazingly good.  I trimmed it in half (for my mother and I) - and had adequate portions left for one more meal.

I used frozen chicken breast portions from Costco, sprinkled them generously with chicken bouillon granules, then braised them until barely done.  Yes - it does call for the evil “cream soup” that is currently scorned by most foodies.  But I won’t be shy about saying that I LOVE creamed soups for cooking - especially when I’m in a hurry.  

The buttery cracker/poppy seed topping is what makes this so delicious.  The poppy seeds added just the tiniest delicate crunch - taking on a whole different flavor than they commonly do in dressings and other foods.

Save this for a day when you don’t want to spend forever coming up with a meal that will make everyone want to linger, close their eyes, and exhale.

For the recipe with step-by-step photos, go to:

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