Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lemon Buddies

Move over Muddy Buddies... there’s a new treat in town.  Although these will never take the place of our all-time favorite snack - they will sneak up and grow on you before you know it.  With just the lightest touch of lemon, paired with white chocolate - they are almost as irresistible as the chocolate/peanut butter variety.  (Get a napkin...)

Like most families - we enjoyed making Muddy Buddies as soon as we heard of them.  My kids say they are addicting, and ask me not to make them except for when we are all home and it’s a sure thing they will get scarfed in a hurry.  If they hang around on the kitchen counter - they cannot be ignored.  

Lemon Buddies have the same power.  I was skeptical about using lemon juice - thinking it would make the Chex less crunchy.  But once they are spread out to harden - the tiny amount of extra moisture seems to dissipate almost immediately.  

I found I had to use another cup of powdered sugar to adhere to the coating - or they didn’t look as appetizing.  What’s a little more sugar - when it’s swimming in it already?  If you have white chocolate morsels that are past their expiration date (and hence, don’t melt as well) - the extra butter & lemon juice solve that problem.  But fresh is always best (of course).

These are fantastic - and a nice switch from the standard “Buddies” that we’ve had for so many years.  They have been a tradition to make every spring and fall for as long as I can remember.  

(And they make a great peace offering for someone you need to apologize to...)  Good luck stopping at one serving - a mere 1/2 cup?

For the recipe with step-by-step directions - go to:

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