Friday, October 22, 2010

Punkin' Snack Bag

There’s a plethora of gift bags & boxes out there in a Halloween theme - and these are certainly not ‘trendy’...  Any snack composed of small morsels works well packaged up in this bright ball resembling a pumpkin fresh from the patch.  This also works well as an apple - just change the tissue paper to red.

This sweet little unassuming container will hold just about anything - muddy buddies, trail mix, popcorn, roasted nuts, cracker jack - just choose a favorite.  
No new craft trend involved either - just pipe cleaners and tissue paper right from your elementary school days.  As I was making these I could almost feel my grade school teachers looking over my shoulder and smiling.
If you can cut, twist, and tie a knot - you can quickly make one to give away to a coworker, a grandchild, your Primary or Young Women’s class, or someone you visit teach.

This isn’t just for the month of October either - see how easily you can make a bowl of ‘apples’ using the same idea. 

For instructions on this kid-friendly craft - go to:

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