Thursday, October 21, 2010

Night Owl S'mores

This doesn’t HAVE to be a Halloween post - but it really fits in with the season.  Made with ingredients that most of us have on hand (the exception being the yellow centers for the eyes...) you can let little hands help you assemble these quickly before they lose interest!

I really WILL blog about real food again in a few days...  I thought those of you who enjoy Halloween along with little people (kids, grandkids, etc...) would appreciate just a few more ideas.

My sweet daughter Whitney found these on Living Locurto - a great craft site.  Of course, their photo is picture perfect - and mine is taken in my real world.  But these were tasty and FAST - both important requirements when you mix kids + Halloween.
(I must have a defective microwave oven, as one eye always puffed out of control 
- while the other eye expanded only modestly.   But when everything cooled off, they were amazingly symmetrical)

Don’t get too hung up on making the marshmallow eyes perfectly round.  As you can see - elongating the marshmallows before heating added a little more personality.  You will probably find that the chocolate chip needs a little help adhering to the yellow candy centers.  Since I had made homemade chocolate frosting anyhow - it was easy to carefully dip the bottom of each chocolate chip and then position it.  The frosting makes great glue.
You will want to push the candy corn beak into the center of the eyes immediately after removing from the microwave, otherwise it’s hard to make it stay put after cooling.

Have a little fun this year with these quick-to-assemble s'mores... 

For a step-by-step, with a few extra hints - go to:

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