Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ghostly, Ghoulish Fruit

This Halloween idea will put a smile on any child’s face when they realize it’s one of their favorite fruits dressed in a sweet 'sheet'.  With convenient canned frosting and a few embellishments - you’re set!  

It’s nice to have a Halloween craft that kids can make, then immediately consume on the spot.  This is one of those, and I thought it was a lot of fun.  I found it on Womans Day, and it couldn’t be simpler.  All you need is a few ingredients to make these ghoulishly delightful treats.   You can use small pears or apples, but make sure they have long stems and can stand on their own.

I had a hard time locating black candy-coated sunflower seeds - so I improvised with black licorice Twizzler Nibs and a sharp knife.   I’m not a fan of canned frosting, but this was a great alternative to mixing my own and then melting it to drizzling consistency.

And... when you are all finished displaying these sweet ghosts in your home for a few days - be sure to ‘disrobe’ them by rinsing under warm water before eating (unless you want the kids on a premature sugar HIGH before Halloween).

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