Monday, October 25, 2010

Mom's Legendary Meatballs in Gravy

Do you remember the favorite meal you would ask for on your birthday as a child?  I didn’t have to work hard at remembering... this is IT.  I’ve tried to duplicate this so many times, and (after years) I think I’m finally getting close.  These are so tender swimming in the rich sour cream gravy over rice or noodles.

This recipe came from my paternal grandmother - Mary Zella Larsen Pendleton.  She was a legendary cook - and my mother’s wish was to duplicate her dishes (which she HAS...)
In my early attempts to make these, I was trying to be frugal - and skipped the ground pork.  The bread crumbs (soaked in milk) are also non-negotiable, since they make the meatballs so tender they almost fall apart (unlike the frozen, bagged meatballs from a warehouse store).  Another ingredient adding a unique taste is poultry seasoning - something I would have never suspected in meatballs.  

I like to make these a day or two ahead, store in ziploc bags, and bring out to re-warm on the day I need them.  The sauce could also be pre-made - utilizing the pan drippings for the best flavor.  

If this recipe seems a bit time-intensive for your day - save it for later and try “Less-Stress, No-Mess Swedish Meatballs” (link is HERE)
Childhood memories are usually every-day life - just idealized in my mind with the passage of time.  But who knows - you may find these as delicious as I do.

The recipe, instructions, and photos can be found at:

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