Saturday, February 5, 2011

Neapolitan Valentine Cake

I have always excused myself from making Ice Cream Cake.  Baskin Robbins seems to have a corner on that market, and I never had the urge to try it.  

When I decided to come up with my own interpretation - it was a rush of fun.  Frosting an ice cream cake is so easy, because the frozen cake hangs onto the frosting & nothing “sags”.  

My son wanted to surprise his wife with an Ice Cream Cake for her birthday this year.  Nothing I found online looked appetizing, (or easy enough) - so we came up with our own combination.  

Since Rachel likes peppermint, we decided to mix up the layers so they contrasted with the ice cream.  It reminded me of Neapolitan ice cream - a variety that pleased ALL my kids as they were growing up.  Three flavors would please at least THREE of my six kids - and (at 50%), that’s pretty good odds.  

Although this is not the traditional Neapolitan flavor(s) - it at least resembled it.  You can substitute strawberry ice cream if you want to be totally accurate.  

My daughter was home the night I tried this, and we had a great time improvising as we worked through it.  This was much simpler than I thought it would be...

Next time I make this, I’ll buy an extra half gallon of ice cream and split both cake layers in half - making a FOUR layer cake.  Might as well make it a BIG cake to feed twice as many...

If you want to add a Valentine touch - use up your holiday candy canes as I did in this post...

For the full story - with hints, tricks, and detailed directions - go to:

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  1. That is gorgeous!! I have to try it, thanks for sharing this.