Monday, February 7, 2011

Moist Parmesan/Yogurt Chicken

Looking for a meal that can be completely done in the oven within an hour?  This easy, healthy, and adaptable recipe took me by surprise.  Even if you’re not a yogurt fan, you will swoon over this chicken.  If you’re weary of dishes that use multiple ingredients, spices, and lots of fuss - this will restore your desire to cook for one (or several).

This is another tried & true recipe shared by my friend Jennie.  Don’t you love friends like that, who share just for the fun of it - expecting nothing in return?  Thanks Jennie...
Jennie describes this as a “go to family meal” - easy to put your potatoes in the oven half an hour before, as you prepare the chicken - then have it all on the table a half hour later.

Bake your potatoes this way, and then spoon some of the yogurt/cheese sauce as a topping over those split & fluffed potatoes.  Heavenly!

The chicken is so moist, it melts in your mouth.  For the recipe & directions - go to:

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