Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heart Warmers

This is certainly not a new idea.  Maybe you are experiencing the “Massive Winter Storm” that is affecting most of the country today.  Although it takes a lot more than hot cocoa to keep you warm on a day like today - just the thought of it warms me from the top of my head clear down to my toes.

Don’t you love to receive a gift that is complete?  Where you don’t have to measure, portion, or THINK?  This one is just that - open, pour, and stir.  
And the fact that it looks like something cold, yet warms your heart makes it even more appealing.  

If you need a gift idea that is quick to assemble, fairly inexpensive, and fits with the season of love - you can’t go wrong with these little tubes of warmth.

Although any miniature marshmallows will do - you will need to be on the ball to purchase these heart shaped ones before they’re gone.  I’ve only found them in a few stores.  The fact that they are supposed to be “strawberry” shouldn’t make you worry that they don’t taste good in a flavored cocoa.  I even enjoyed mine in mint truffle flavored cocoa.  

Any red candy will do - but I would avoid cinnamon hearts (unless you enjoy cinnamon in your cocoa).  It’s hard to find regular gumdrops right now that aren’t “spiced” - but if you look, you’ll find assorted packages.

I made mine in two sizes, as shown.  You can get crazy with ribbon, but it might detract from the “ice cream cone” design.

For instructions (with my own discoveries to make it easier) - along with step-by-step photos - go to:

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