Saturday, January 29, 2011

Basic Bosch Whole Wheat Bread

This oh-so-basic whole wheat bread can be made in any brand of bread mixer - but I want to give credit to the dealer (the Sandy Bosch Kitchen Center) who shared the recipe.  I took their class twenty years after my husband gave me my (now ancient) Bosch mixer.  It is simple, and as long as you have good yeast - failproof.  

Lately all I want for breakfast is a thick slice of homemade whole wheat toast with frozen strawberry jam.  Not a lot to ask, right?  But why does it take me so long to talk myself into actually making it?

Could have something to do with getting out my wheat mill.  I love it as much as I love my Bosch mixer, but it's a real commitment to use it.  I don’t relish the idea of cleaning up a fine dusting of wheat flour from every surface in my kitchen, and also it sounds like a jet engine as it runs.  So... when I want to use it - I take it into my garage and make a day of it.  I grind several extra cups which I then put in gallon size ice cream buckets and keep in my extra refrigerator.  

There’s nothing like freshly ground wheat flour - warm from the grinder.  That little bit of extra warmth from being ground really makes the bread rise even better.  When I want to use the excess that I've refrigerated, I have to remember to let it come to room temperature so it doesn’t slow down the yeast.

This recipe uses the products that stores (such as Bosch and other food storage related retailers like them) promote.  I agree that dough enhancer, vital wheat gluten, and lecithin really do make a difference.  Especially the lecithin.  Lecithin looks (and smells) scary.  When I take it from the refrigerator where I store it - it reminds me of petroleum jelly mixed with oil (nice, huh?).  But it is nutritious, makes the dough less sticky, and helps it rise.  I also think (although I can’t prove it) it makes the bread last longer without spoiling.

I prefer the texture of Ninety Minute Wheat Bread (recipe HERE) - but this recipe is a classic for using your food storage wheat.  And, as long as we are talking wheat - have you tried hard WHITE wheat?  So much better than hard winter red wheat (that I have enough to feed the world with in my basement).

For this recipe, along with (lots) of detailed instructions & photos - go to:


  1. Yep, LOVE their recipe! I had to cut it down to size to fit my KitchenAid, though. You have some beautiful loaves ~ can actually smell them!
    Haven't tried lecithin, but totally rely on vital wheat gluten.

  2. Sounds like a fabulous way to start the day. Your loaves are gorgeous!

  3. My mom has fabulous jewelry and furniture and a 30 year old Bosche... the who "gets the Bosche" when mom passes discussion, between myself and my 4 sisters gets heated... I have a a wonderful well loved Kitchen Aid but I WANT THAT BOSCHE!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have the same grinder and I grind outdoors. At least all I have to do to clean up then is sweep the Your bread looks wonderful! I'll be trying the recipe soon.