Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lin's Lemon Butter

This is my dear friend (Sister) Lin Snowden - from Victoria, Canada.  I serve with this cute lady in the Family & Church History Headquarters Mission in SLC, Utah.  I'm so sad she's ending her mission to go home next week.  Then she leaves (AGAIN) on her second mission to digitize records in Barcelona, Spain this January.  We have had a great time together for the past 2+ years, and I will miss her!  Our conversations always seem to gravitate towards favorite recipes.  She shared one last recipe with me today, and told me I could post it here.  This is a recipe she used in her Tea Room that she ran before her mission.  Wish I could have been one of her customers - I'm sure it was fabulous.

Here in the United States we call this "Lemon Curd".  Not sure why - but it sounds "sour", doesn't it?  Lemon Curd typically is a bit of a pain to make.  Most recipes are very technical - instructing you to separate your eggs, strain through a sieve, etc...  But this one is a keeper because it's so very simple to make.  I don't have photos of hers - because we devoured it today.  But it is even prettier than this one (from a prior post here back in 2010 - found HERE).

Lin's Lemon Butter

6 eggs
1 ½  cups sugar
½ cup lemon juice
½ cup softened butter

Put it all in a blender to mix
Microwave for 10 mins.  It will look messy and curdled
Put in blender till smooth.

We (my tea room) used to make these in a small pastry shell, and then piped small rosettes of butter icing round the edge.

*Note:  This lemon curd could easily be used to make these two recipes - and save a lot of time in the process!

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