Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blackberry Lemon Cloud

You may know this type of dessert as Pavlova or Schaum Torte - but it reminds me of an edible sweet cloud.  I’ve adapted the lemon curd recipe for the microwave - and it’s not as temperamental as the typical method.  The fresh blackberries (or any berries for that matter) really shine on this luminous filling.

Hmmmm.  You can’t hurry through this dessert.  This is one of those finales where you owe it to yourself to take lots of time to savor.  It literally disappears in your mouth in a blend of flavors that are hard to forget.

This is the third year I’ve posted recipes for this kind of dessert - they are Schaum Torte (HERE) - and Pavlova (HERE).  There’s something about fresh berries that are in their prime for just a few weeks that gives me the motivation to showcase them in these light-as-air shells.  I just loved how the outer shell crackled and shattered as I filled it - so pretty (and different from the other two versions I’ve tried)

This version may look complicated, but is super-simple.  It just requires a few hours prep time (in my case, I made everything the night before and assembled it the next afternoon).  

Just remember the cardinal rule of working with egg whites:  no fat of any kind can come in contact with your bowl or beaters - including even a speck of egg yolk as you separate your eggs.  I’ve found it’s best to use two bowls to separate each egg.  When you’re successful - remove the egg white to the larger bowl with the other “clean” egg whites.  
I’ve learned my lesson in the past when I’ve tried to separate eggs over the bowl with the rest of the whites.  Inevitably I’ve innocently pricked an egg yolk in the process - which then contaminates the entire batch.  Good way to throw away a bunch of eggs (or enjoy more scrambled eggs than you bargained for in the process!) 

I love using the microwave to make lemon curd - it’s hard to have it fail (unless you don’t stir it often enough).  The curd is lightened up with a touch of whipped cream before serving - making it heavenly (instead of “heavy”)  This curd is just perfect.

Another good thing about this recipe is that the excess yolks (from making the shell) are the exact number you need to make the filling - no leftovers to lurk in your refrigerator.

The meringue shells can also be made two days ahead, wrapped well in plastic, and frozen until needed.  The curd can be made two days ahead and chilled as well.

You'll find the recipe (and everything you need to know) to make this summery dessert at:

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