Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vegetable Flower Garden

This is a deceptively delicious way to lead children to “choose” to eat a few vegetables occasionally.  Introducing a little creativity can break down the stubbornness that most children seem to develop the older they get.  You’re right - this probably won’t amuse your teenagers, but you never know...

I’ve seen fruit bouquets galore around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, and they are colorful and delicious.  Most of the time we don’t think of vegetables in quite the same way.  

I was looking for a fun way to serve vegetables and hummus together and decided to put them in a field of “grass” (see that post HERE)

Don’t try this a few minutes before dinner is on the table.  But it could be a great way to keep little people occupied and out from under your feet as you start dinner prep a few hours before.  

As it involves knives & toothpicks (both of which shouldn’t be turned over to any child without supervision) - you’ll need to be nearby to supervise.

Depending on the age of the children, you could pre-slice the vegetables, then turn them loose to assemble the flowers.

This is just a hint of what you can do with fresh vegetables.  It’s helpful to find mini-cookie cutters - available in most specialty cooking supply stores, as well as online.  

I ran out of time, or I would have used long skewers of grape tomatoes, olives, and other fun items.  Use your imagination as you walk through the produce section of your grocery store.

For a photo walk-through, as well as instructions on these veggie flowers - go to:

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