Friday, May 13, 2011

Sprouting - a taste of Spring!

This is not a new idea, but after months of clouds & rain - it was a welcome touch of green to bring indoors with very little effort.  Who knew you could be mowing your “lawn” within 4-5 days after beginning this fun activity.  Besides being a beautiful, fresh centerpiece, you can use sprouted wheat several other ways.

I needed a centerpiece for a dinner last month - and I decided to try indoor sprouting.  Unlike a lot of people in my area - I’m not a rabid “food storage fanatic”.  I use my wheat in wholesome homemade bread... and that’s IT!  But now I’ve learned how simple it is to sprout it - I’m never going back to plain bread.  

But this post is not about homemade wheat bread (check back in a few days for my new favorite sprouted wheat bread recipe).  This was too much fun to not share with you.

I needed an appetizer, so I decided on fresh vegetables.  I found several ways to cut them into flowers & other shapes to spring out of a grassy centerpiece.  (I’ll share that with you also in an upcoming post) 

If you want to know how long it takes to grow grass that’s a few inches high - give it 4-5 days.  There are just a few tips to pay attention to, and that’s what you’ll find in the link at the very end.  You can’t fail at this elementary school project (whew!)

You can “plant” just about anything in this grassy landscape.  I found this technique several places on the web, but the one I thought was most helpful was on growwithlauren.  This talented gal (my daughter's former college roommate) shows several ways to involve children in this great activity, especially in the dead of winter.  

It really is amazing how much potential there is in a grain of wheat (kind of reminds me of our potential as sons and daughters of God?)  Have a little fun with this taste of Spring.

For a step-by-step tutorial with photos of the whole process - go to:

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